Year Two of the CEMP Berry Study is Under Way

It’s berry season in the Upper Peninsula, and as such, CEMP staff have been out collecting as part of monitoring efforts near Eagle Mine and the Humboldt Mill. During 2015, CEMP monitoring was expanded to evaluate concerns raised by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) and other community members regarding potential impacts from mining operations on nearby edible plant species and species of high cultural value. Fruit bearing plants located near the Eagle Mine and Humboldt Mill were identified as a priority for the study. They included; blueberry, juneberry, chokecherry, pin cherry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, thimbleberry, cranberry, juniper berry, and wild rice.

During year one of this study, blueberry and raspberry fruit and plant tissue were collected for analysis. Year two berry collections are expected to include (but may not be limited to) blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and/or thimbleberry. For more information regarding the study design and for Year One (2015) results, click here.