Mine Monitoring

SWP conducts two types of monitoring at the Eagle Mine:

1) Verification monitoring

SWP conducts verification monitoring of the environmental monitoring done by Eagle Mine as required by its permits. At this time, environmental monitoring is required by two State of Michigan permits (a Part 632 Nonferrous Metallic Mineral Mining Permit and a Groundwater Discharge Permit). CEMP verification monitoring categories include: groundwater monitoring, surface water monitoring, and facilities (water treatment plant, TDRSA) monitoring.

2) Additional monitoring

This is environmental monitoring done by SWP over and above the monitoring that Eagle Mine is required to do under its permits. Additional monitoring categories currently include but are not limited to: air quality and weather monitoring (Powell Township and Eagle Mine Air Stations), transportation route sampling (air and surface water), as well as berry/traditional food monitoring as requested by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.


The Scorecard Rating System Explained:


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Verification SWP Additional
Potential Harm to the Environment / Potential Permit Violation
Area of Concern
No Known Risks to Environment
Parameter Not Rated

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Category QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4
Facilities Monitoring
icon icon icon icon
Groundwater Elevations
icon icon icon icon
Groundwater Quality
icon icon icon icon
Surface Water Quality
icon icon icon icon
icon icon icon icon


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