Community Environmental Monitoring Program Independent Evaluation of the Eagle Mine in Marquette County.

slide-fiveMine Monitoring
Mill Monitoring

The SWP conducts independent environmental monitoring at the mine, mill and along the approved transportation route (see map). Monitoring includes: air quality, groundwater quality, surface water quality, wildlife, plant life and more. Monitoring results are summarized in a quarterly report card and displayed below. Specific results and all monitoring data is available via the buttons above.

Verification monitoring:
SWP conducts monitoring to verify the environmental monitoring done by Eagle Mine. SWP takes duplicate samples that are sent to a separate EPA-approved laboratory to verify results.

Additional monitoring:
This is monitoring done by SWP over and above the monitoring that Eagle Mine does under its permits. SWP will undertake additional monitoring if it believes it is needed to build a complete picture of Eagle Mine’s environmental impacts. In addition, all air quality monitoring falls under Additional Monitoring.

* NOTE: All CEMP monitoring data uses the following colored dot system to quickly classify potential risk.

image002 Potential Harm to the Environment / Potential Permit Violation

image003 Area of Concern

image004 Tracking

image005 No Known Risks to Environment

image006 Parameter Not Rated